In Dublin Town Songbook

In Dublin Town is the songbook for the long-awaited first album of Irish balladeer, Philip M. Price. It includes the musical notation, lyrics, and chords for a selection of Irish ballads, traditional songs, and original pieces that Philip has made his own while delighting audiences across Europe, the United States, South America, and Central Asia for the past forty years. Accompanying each song is a bit of related song history and personal reflections that provide an insight into growing up in the Dublin music scene in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

In Dublin Town includes many authentic Dublin ballads, such as "Monto," "Dublin City," "Maid of Cabra West," "Whack Fol the Diddle," and "Dicey Reilly." It also includes some perennially favorite traditional and contemporary Irish songs, such as "The Beggarman," "Eileen Og," Flower of Finae," and "Craic Was Ninety in the Isle of Man." It even includes one lovely English song, "The Rout of the Blues." In addition to these popular songs, In Dublin City also contains five of Philip's original songs, including "Forever Green," a moving and melancholy ballad about the tragic loss of Alaskan Irish musician and mountaineer, Gerard McDonnell, who lost his life on K2 just moments after becoming the first Irishman to ascend it.

The complete list of songs found in In Dublin Town is: *The Beggarman * Dublin City * Forever Green * Whack Fol the Diddle * The Monk * Eileen Og * Teach Her (Niamh's Song) * Monto * Rout of the Blues * Flower of Finae * Paddy Works on the Railway * She'a a Girl (Caitriona's Song) * Nobody Told Me * Maid of Cabra West * Craic Was Ninety in the Isle of Man * Dicey Reilly * I'll Tell Me Ma


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