Workshops & Public Speaking

As an educator and college professor by trade, Philip is available for workshops and public speaking engagements concerning all things Irish. He is especially interested in 20th century Irish history and the culture and musical traditions of Eire.

Workshops & Speaking Engagment History

Philip has conducted various workshops on Irish history and culture both in the U.S. and abroad. Topics have included: A Historical Perspective of Eire 1916, Irish Immigrants and Exiles, The Oral Tradition of Irish Music and Storytelling, How to Sing Like an Irishman, Dublin's History and Culture, and Planning for Your Trip to Dublin. Because of the popularity of his workshops in Kazakhstan, he was asked to narrate the official one-hour government tourism video for English speaking audiences.

Philip has also been the voice of the Irish in Alaska, performing voice-overs for a variety of radio ads and stage plays and acting as the "real" Irishman in the following St. Patrick's Day television ad for the Alaska State Troopers' "Drink, Drive, Go to Jail" campaign.

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